Resource Planning Software

Plus in-the-cloud deployment and flexible setup options. NetSuite and The Brunswick Group's in-the-cloud deployment provides you with everything - hardware, software and implementation services - that you need to: Get up and running quickly, Lower your overall costs, Scale as you need it, when you need it.


The Brunswick Group makes it possible to deliver an "" experience and to better manage and grow the entire business with a fully PCI-compliant and integrated ecommerce system.

We partner with you to ensure our services operate within agreed parameters. This includes restoring services quickly in the event of a service interruption. We achieve and maintain a balance of reactive and proactive focus, internal and external focus, cost and quality, and stability and flexibility. We enable business change to take effect while ensuring designs for service are implemented as intended. Finally, it is through our release and deployment management we execute the tasks of transition planning and service validation.

  • In our provided solution, you will receive website hosting that enables deployment of database-driven sites that are always in sync with the rest of the business
  • You will be able to accept real-time payments from different credit cards and international currencies, and supports Google Checkout or PayPal checkout options
  • We support the creation of coupons or discounts on specific items and therefore deliver upsell recommendations
  • We streamline order management by transferring orders automatically to accounts receivables and warehouse departments
  • Our Ecommerce analytics system provides search engine analysis, website analytics and reporting, online marketing analytics and more