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Resource Planning Software

Plus in-the-cloud deployment and flexible setup options. NetSuite and The Brunswick Group's in-the-cloud deployment provides you with everything - hardware, software and implementation services - that you need to: Get up and running quickly, Lower your overall costs, Scale as you need it, when you need it.

Service Desk

The Brunswick Group provides information system expertise to our clients to best assist them in the management of their organization's assets. Infrastructure asset management is a practice which requires prioritization within the budget environment. The Brunswick Group can develop an understanding of the nature of your organization and its operating environment. Through analysis, we can discern the global and domestic issues impacting your firm and any potential conflicts that may arise in the future; we then go through the stages of our service framework. We know it is critical to define gaps and goals; use and test process and tools; and execute an improvement program after our solution is already in operation.

Our integrated asset management features provide you with the power to eliminate spreadsheets and manual effort from your company's asset management processes. Our application gives you an easy-to-manage single version of the truth for your assets, a flexible fixed asset calculation engine, complete asset reporting and seamless integration with its core accounting functionality.

We will enable your organization to maintain and control the complete asset lifecycle from creation to depreciation, revaluation and retirement. Our application is detailed in its asset management functionality with support of multiple depreciation calculation types, handling of depreciating and non-depreciating assets, maintenance schedules, lease and insurance. Our application supports unlimited asset types that need to be tracked. Our asset management team makes asset creation easy, enabling default types when creating an asset and specifying or maintaining key fields and details relating to a particular asset.