10 Ways Manufacturing Cloud Analytics Can Help Accelerate Your Business

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on August 8, 2013


Are you leveraging the cloud to accelerate your business?

An article on the Logistics Viewpoints website shares the top 10 supply chain trends from Tom Linton, the chief procurement and supply chain officer at Flextronics. This article is precise, concise and provides great value in what business leaders dealing with supply chain economics need to understand. There are several solid recommendations and trends that must be on top of a leader’s business planning for months — if not years — to come.

Most of the article’s tips, though, focus on cloud use. Don’t stick your head in the sand; the cloud is the next technology enabler. Use manufacturing cloud analytics to become an industry leader.

Here are Linton’s top 10 supply chain trends.

  1. Collaborating: Supply chains will focus on collaborating with everyone in the business. The article notes: “This will result in end-to-end supply chain solutions that will create new value for customers.”
  2. Valuing corporate social responsibility: It’s fundamental today, as business policies expand globally and foreign corporations follow those norms.
  3. Becoming predictable: “Predictability becomes a competitive advantage,” the article notes, leading to faster, cost-effective and safe supply chains.
  4. Turning virtual: Supply chains will operate as control towers with few or no factories, becoming both global and flexible.
  5. Sourcing locally: Sourcing will be driven regionally and locally.
  6. Acquiring new skills: More university-level programs will become specialized as new skills emerge, like manufacturing cloud analytics.
  7. Substituting raw materials: The scarcity of materials like copper, gold, steel and rare earth minerals are causing companies to become innovative and replace certain components.
  8. Accounting for equalized labor costs: It’s no longer cheap to outsource labor. Labor arbitrage is in decline.
  9. Making business processes seamless: Inefficient processes that were automated will now just be eliminated.
  10. Using manufacturing cloud analytics: Cloud solutions are low-cost, reliable and global.

Source: Logistics Viewpoints, July 2013

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