Predictive Analytics: Improve Supply Chain Management

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on November 16, 2012

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The next wave of business initiatives will rely on analytic tools to control Big Data. A Computerworld article offers steps to get started with data-mining projects in a recent article. Managing business data allows you to effectively grow your business today, tomorrow and — most importantly — well into the future.

Is Manufacturing Cloud ERP The Future Of SoMoClo Technology?

Posted in Cloud ERP on November 15, 2012

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More companies are implementing manufacturing cloud ERP systems and integrating them with SoMoClo. The acronym, which stands for social, mobile and cloud, is the next big corporate trend, according to an article on IT Jungle’s website. A lot of suppliers are running older systems they want to move away from, making this idea of particular interest.

Are You Doing The Right Business Planning?

Posted in Operations Improvement on November 14, 2012

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Will a financial plan help your company react to change, operate effectively, coordinate between departments and cope with volatility? A budget won’t aid your operations, but an integrated business plan will, according to a post on the Ventana Research website. It should also be organized on a central ERP system.

4 Key Analytics Benefits That Transform Manufacturing

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on November 13, 2012


Does your company have a vision for analytics? They should, according to an article from the Financial Post. More companies are using actionable insights obtained from mining their business information, making their business more productive and profitable. Such analytics help companies optimize operations and enable new business models.

5 Benefits Of Using Two-Tier Manufacturing ERP Software

Posted in Cloud ERP on November 12, 2012


It’s expensive and ineffective to install on-premises ERP systems at every distribution unit of a company. An article on the Cloud NetSuite blog says companies should instead deploy a two-tier cloud ERP model, where smaller business units can sync systems with headquarters. Benefits include agility, cost savings, configurability and accessibility.

6 Keys To Selecting The Right ERP Software For You

Posted in Cloud ERP on November 9, 2012


The right manufacturing ERP software could make-or-break your organization, and you need to find a solution that matches the strengths of your organization. Panorama Consulting Solutions shares tips to help you select ERP software. Begin with an in-house selection team that will choose software that matches management’s criteria.

How Can Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Lead To More Onshore Manufacturing?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on November 7, 2012

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Rising overseas labor costs and shipping prices, supply chain advantages, quality control and higher U.S. worker productivity are causing a “manufacturing renaissance,” according to a Bastian Solutions article. New technology, and manufacturing supply chain management that uses analytics, KPIs and industrial robotics, is encouraging on-shoring.

Is Your Business Fit For The Global Business World?

Posted in Operations Improvement on November 7, 2012


Visibility is vital to battling the inevitable risks in your supply chain. Manufacturers are going global, making supply chains more complex and risk factors even more troubling, according to a Forbes article. Cloud technology combats these issues by providing a centralized business system for real-time access to the supply chain.

Are You Building Real-Time Analytics Into Your IT System?

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on November 6, 2012

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Is your organization managing risk haphazardly? Relatively few companies use advanced analytics, according to a Ventana Research article. The key is building a real-time analytics tool into your IT system architecture. Provide key performance indicators for business processes. You’ll be in a much better position to anticipate and react to risk in your supply chain.

3 Ways To Improve Manufacturing Supply Chain Management

Posted in Operations Improvement on November 5, 2012

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Supply chains have to be aligned with customer behavior, and customers in today’s technology-driven society still crave human relationships. An EBN article suggests integrating technological innovation into the supply chain, through total quality manufacturing or lean manufacturing. These processes must be evaluated through analytics.