Why Is Manufacturing In America On The Rise?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on December 31, 2012

manufacturing-export-trends | Photo Courtesy of clayirving http://www.flickr.com/photos/clayirving/486823098/sizes/q/

Manufacturing trends for the next five years show industry activity is on the rise, especially in America. An article on the Manufacturing Business Technology website reports that the number of U.S. manufacturers and exports have risen, indicating the U.S. could pull out of slow growth pending the fiscal cliff.

Why Are Companies Embracing The Cloud For Manufacturing Resource Planning Software?

Posted in Cloud ERP on December 28, 2012

cloud-ERP-applications-manufacturing | Photo Courtesy of cyanocorax http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyanocorax/859924070/sizes/q/

Companies looking to get ahead should embrace the cloud. More companies are choosing cloud technology because of the low cost, according to an article on the ERP Cloud News website. Today’s cloud solutions go beyond legacy software’s functionality. The opportunities are great, especially with manufacturing resource planning software.

How Is Automation Poised To Play A Bigger Role In Manufacturing Supply Chain Management?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on December 27, 2012

robotics-manufacturing-automation | Photo Courtesy of V&A Steamworks http://www.flickr.com/photos/32482342@N05/5509527016/

Companies are trying to cut costs, improve efficiency, and perform quicker and better with automation. An article on the Control Design website reports that 74 percent of manufacturers and distributors are planning or considering an automation project in their warehouse. Robotics, RFID, automated storage and voice picking all are key technologies.

7 Ways To Build A Resilient Supply Chain

Posted in Operations Improvement on December 26, 2012

resilient-manufacturing-supply-chain | Photo Courtesy of bisgovuk http://www.flickr.com/photos/bisgovuk/7158078668/sizes/q/

As businesses around the world focus on sustainability and green manufacturing, what those terms really point to is the need to build more resilience into the supply chain. An article on the Logistics Viewpoints website explains that resiliency is the key, from design to management to execution. Businesses always need to be looking ahead.

How Can Manufacturers Approach Big Data With Confidence?

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on December 25, 2012

manufacturing-ERP-solutions-experts | Photo Courtesy of bisgovuk http://www.flickr.com/photos/bisgovuk/7158244586/sizes/q/

Big Data is intimidating for a company, as it’s unorganized, hard to collect and comes in mass quantities. But businesses should be analyzing it to make smart decisions, according to an article on CNBC.com. Use manufacturing ERP solutions experts to help get you started, narrowing your scope to a few focus points.

Should Your CFO Focus More On Operations Management?

Posted in Operations Improvement on December 24, 2012

aerospace-manufacturing-operations-supply-chain | Photo Courtesy of bisgovuk http://www.flickr.com/photos/bisgovuk/7158042850/sizes/q/

Should you be hiring a CFO with an operational focus? An article on CFO.com shares the story of one CFO who spends half of his time with operations, helping to attribute half of the company’s bottom-line profit to operational efficiencies. CFOs who understand the business down to the plant floor can improve the business model.

How Can A Green Manufacturing Dashboard Boost Your Company’s Profits?

Posted in General on December 21, 2012

green-manufacturing-business-movement | Photo Courtesy of aismist http://www.flickr.com/photos/-aismist/8211403037/sizes/l/

Green manufacturing can save you green. From LEED-certified buildings to solar panels, an article on the DC Velocity website explains how more manufacturers are turning to environmentally-efficient construction standards and operations because of the financial rewards. Green programs can help providing financing, accelerating business growth.

4 Ways Technology Is Changing The Manufacturing Industry

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on December 20, 2012

ERP-system-manufacturing-operations | Photo Courtesy of OreongDOT http://www.flickr.com/photos/oregondot/3347740790/sizes/q

Industrial Big Data is changing the face of the manufacturing industry. An article on Forbes.com explains how data is available faster thanks to advanced devices and equipment. Strides in technology are optimizing plant floor performance. Companies can make their data understandable and usable through manufacturing resource planning software.

How Can Distributors Move Faster Without Making Mistakes?

Posted in Operations Improvement on December 19, 2012

manufacturing-resource-planning | Photo Courtesy of I Make America http://www.flickr.com/photos/imakeamerica/6191908725/sizes/q/

There’s a balance between moving too fast in business and moving too slow. You have the competitive edge by moving with speed, but you’re likely making more mistakes, an article on the SmartData Collective website explains. Time is of the essence for everything in business. Use manufacturing resource planning software to move with less risk.

Are Your Simple Metrics Getting Lost In Manufacturing Cloud Analytics?

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on December 18, 2012

"companies-measuring-simple-metrics " | Photo Courtesy of StartupHive http://www.flickr.com/photos/steve_barr/8267263835/sizes/q/

Does your company get back to the basics with simple metric analysis? Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about Big Data. Most companies ignore basic ratio analysis today in favor of advanced analytics, according to an article on the Ventana Research website. This is a big mistake for understanding business performance.

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