10 Ways Manufacturing Cloud Analytics Will Evolve In 2013

Posted in Cloud ERP on January 30, 2013

manufacturing-cloud-analytics-trends | manufacturing-cloud-analytics-trends

The cloud isn’t just here to stay — it’s going to continue to grow. The cloud movement is booming, an article on the E-Commerce Times website points out. How will the cloud evolve in 2013? Manufacturing cloud analytics will enable businesses to analyze and share their information effectively and economically.

Why Will Manufacturing Inventory Management Be Big In 2013?

Posted in Financial Management on January 29, 2013

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Economic indicators show business investments, capital expenditures and capacity utilization are on the rise in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers need to be ready to make equipment purchase decisions, according to an article on Manufacturing.net. Manufacturing companies should plan on 2.5 percent to 3 percent growth in 2013.

4 Tips To Improve Communication In Subcontract Manufacturing

Posted in Operations Improvement on January 28, 2013


Is your communication open, collaborative and balanced? An article on TedMag.com explains why communication is the secret ingredient for advancement and innovation in your subcontract manufacturing business. Great leaders know how to communicate. “No holding back” must be the motto for open communication.

Does Green Supply Chain Management Still Resonate In Procurement?

Posted in Operations Improvement on January 25, 2013


Green business practices don’t resonate as much with procurement officers and IT managers as they did pre-recession. Since the financial crisis, companies are just trying to survive, an article on ComputerworldUK.com explains. While green supply chain management should not be considered a top priority, it’s necessary to keep companies in the game.

How Can Lean Manufacturing Software Measure Lean Objectives?

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on January 24, 2013

green-manufactuirng-software-lean-objectives | Photo Courtesy of Wired Photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/wiredphotostream/6303521956/sizes/q/

Lean manufacturing makes economic and cultural sense for companies. By addressing climate change issues, they can save money and reduce their carbon footprint, an article on the ThinkProgress website explains. Green manufacturing software can capture the data for any KPI companies want to measure against lean objectives.

How Is Green Supply Chain Management Impacting Business Decisions?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on January 23, 2013

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Green supply chain management is on the rise as more consumers spend money on eco-friendly products. An article on GreenBiz.com reports that consumer’s attitudes are changing about green products, so more companies should transition to a green business environment. Going green can increase a company’s brand perception.

How Can Manufacturing ERP Software Improve Worker Productivity?

Posted in Operations Improvement on January 22, 2013

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Process inefficiencies are causing distributors to lose thousands of worker hours annually in their warehouses. An article on the DC Velocity website highlights survey results that found in an eight-hour shift each worker loses 15 minutes of productivity. Manufacturing ERP software is the solution. It can identify and correct problems.

5 Ways ERP Software Can Help Manage Supply Chain Risk

Posted in Operations Improvement on January 21, 2013

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Today, supply chain disruptions are common, from natural disasters to supply shortages and IT failures. Supply chain risk management needs to be a critical piece of decision-making for your company, according to an article on the Logistics Viewpoints website. Manage risk through manufacturing ERP software, risk training and supply chain mapping.

How Can NetSuite Manufacturing Software Help Companies Capitalize On Industry Growth?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on January 18, 2013

NetSuite-manufacturing-software | Photo Courtesy of slightly everything http://www.flickr.com/photos/slightlyeverything/7507095736/sizes/q/

Could 2013 be the year of manufacturing? According to an article on the Bloomberg website, it may be. Reports show U.S. manufacturing continues to climb, with growth in orders, employment and exports. Mid-market companies can benefit from the growth by using NetSuite manufacturing software deployed internally and with partners.

How Is Manufacturing Cloud Analytics Shaping Customer Service?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on January 17, 2013

manufacturing-cloud-analytics | Photo Courtesy of b'jesus http://www.flickr.com/photos/bendjsf/4993666542/sizes/s/

The proliferation of mobile devices and cloud-based servers is transforming the way contact centers operate. An article on the TMCnet website highlights a report that shows traditional on-premises contact center models will be abandoned in favor of cloud-based deployments. Manufacturing cloud analytics and Big Data are shaping customer service.

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