6 Sustainability Practices In Green Supply Chain Management

Posted in Operations Improvement on March 29, 2013

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Sustainability is a business necessity and an opportunity. That’s advice from an article on the MIT Sloan Management Review website. Companies that make even moderate sustainability changes to their business model through green supply chain management are seeing a big payback. Just be sure to know how you’ll track the effectiveness of the program.

4 Tips For A Successful Manufacturing ERP Software Implementation

Posted in Project Management on March 28, 2013

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Too many companies are struggling to achieve benefits from a manufacturing ERP software implementation. A post on the Panorama Consulting Solutions 360-degree ERP blog advises that companies start with a quantifiable business case, realize their business processes must be reengineered and use organizational change management for business benefits.

3 Successful Supply Chain Strategies In Subcontract Manufacturing

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on March 27, 2013

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Strong manufacturers focus on strengthening their supply chain. Still, many executives don’t recognize the importance of supply chains, according to a post on the Supply Chain Movement blog. Manufacturers need a business strategy. One such execution is excelling at product leadership through subcontract manufacturing.

3 Key Sustainability Projects In Green Supply Chain Management

Posted in Operations Improvement on March 26, 2013

green-technology-sustainability-projects | http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/6185045/2/stock-photo-6185045-business-person-with-laptop-and-plant.jpg

Sustainability is no longer just a tagline that companies throw out there. Resource scarcity, green legislation and public environmental consciousness are “making environmental responsibility a necessity,” according to an article on the CleanTechnica website. Green supply chain management must start with a green manufacturing analysis.

11 Innovators In Green Supply Chain Management

Posted in Operations Improvement on March 25, 2013

green-sustainability-supply-chain | Photo Courtesy of Beantin webbkommunikation http://www.flickr.com/photos/beantin/7649183772/sizes/q/

Companies are getting creative with their green supply chain management, turning a profit through sustainability-driven innovation. An article on the MIT Sloan Management Review website explains that this sustainability must be integrated into operations and planning, thus requiring management changes and engagement with leaders.

Manufacturing ERP Drives Industry Growth & Manufacturing Jobs

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on March 22, 2013

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American manufacturing is enjoying a resurgence, but it’s a quiet one. What’s the key to long-term growth in the U.S.? A Forbes.com article highlights four challenges facing the industry, from a shaky economy to an uneducated workforce and lack of innovation. Manufacturing resource planning software is a key tool to enhance skills and resources.

3 Steps To Successful Green Supply Chain Management

Posted in Operations Improvement on March 21, 2013

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Are you green because you merely outsource your IT systems to a third party? Well, that’s just allocating energy use from one company to another. You need to make meaningful changes to excel in green supply chain management, according to an article on the Digital Supply Chain website. ERP software must monitor your supply chain for green risks.

What Can ERP Software Do For Manufacturers?

Posted in Operations Improvement on March 20, 2013


Manufacturers should consider implementing cloud-based manufacturing resource planning software using a vendor specific to the industry. A post on the Rickscloud blog shares four reasons that ERP solutions can accelerate your business. An ERP system can integrate internal and external business data and functions.

Why Is A Business Partner Key To A Successful Manufacturing ERP Software Implementation?

Posted in Project Management on March 19, 2013

business-parrtner-success-ERP | Photo Courtesy of Love is the key http://www.flickr.com/photos/40033576@N03/3918934001/sizes/q/

The most important parameter that makes an ERP project successful is a good business partner. Do you have one? A new study featured in an article on the ZDNet website found that the actual success rate of manufacturing ERP software implementation is elusive. Many respondents likely were ignoring the company’s main objectives.

Why Do Best-In-Class Organizations Use Manufacturing Resource Planning Software?

Posted in Operations Improvement on March 18, 2013

off-the-shelf-manufacturing-software | Photo Courtesy of Direct Annuaires Stephan Comelli http://www.flickr.com/photos/52499398@N06/4837832285/sizes/q/

Is off-the-shelf manufacturing resource planning software the best solution for your framework? Or is the answer an in-house solution? The answer lies in a variation of the two, according to a blog post on the Aberdeen Group website. Companies benefit from a combined perspective of manufacturing operational data systems.

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