3 Tips For Better Demand Planning

Posted in Inventory Management on June 27, 2013

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Demand planning is a win-win for you and your customers. Improved forecasting gets your customers their products in the desired timeframe and it helps you to better manage your resources to meet demand. Manufacturing business software provides the visibility that’s so crucial for the made-to-order subcontract manufacturing environment.

3 Strategic Sourcing Trends Of Supply Chain Leaders

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on June 26, 2013

Strategic Sourcing Trends

Value-driven supply chains succeed because of great management and strategic sourcing. That’s what Apple, McDonald’s and Amazon have in common, according to this year’s Gartner Supply Chain Top 25, where those companies finished in the top three. The full results are in a Gartner press release on the Business Wire website.

What Do Big Data And Lean Manufacturing Share In Common?

Posted in Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence on June 25, 2013

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Big Data is an extension of lean manufacturing, and an article on the IndustryWeek website calls Big Data “analytics on steroids.” Manufacturers need to focus on the Big Data initiative to stay ahead in today’s competitive manufacturing industry. All-in-one manufacturing ERP software like NetSuite is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.

How Can Manufacturing Software Improve Supply Chain Visibility?

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 24, 2013

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Manufacturing trends are driving the industry, and executives are navigating survival strategies. A post on the Aberdeen Group blog explains that while the industry is healthy, several challenges still concern executives. The value of manufacturing software can’t be understated, as it’s vital to supply chain visibility.

Should Robotics Be Integrated Into Manufacturing ERP Software?

Posted in Operations Improvement on June 20, 2013


Are warehouse robots the future of the manufacturing industry? An article on the DC Velocity website says robots are coming down in price and are starting to become more flexible and mobile. But humans still make the best decisions. However, robots can handle repetitive processes and could be integrated into manufacturing ERP software.

Why The Silence Over The Government’s Support Of Initiatives Like Lean Manufacturing?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on June 19, 2013

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The U.S. government is pledging funds to support initiatives like lean manufacturing. But so far, industry leaders have been silent over the news of the proposed National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), according to an article on the IndustryWeek website. Businesses need to let go of this long-held government distrust.

3 New NetSuite Manufacturing ERP Software Capabilities That Add Value

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 18, 2013

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NetSuite is becoming a much stronger competitor in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can’t get by on Stone Age manufacturing ERP software, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson says in an article on the Techworld website. New capabilities from the vendor include 3-D modeling and supply chain integration functionality.

How Can Integrated Manufacturing Software Eliminate Data Silos?

Posted in Operations Improvement on June 13, 2013


Are you a reactive or a proactive manufacturer? Your company needs to be eliminating the data silos, planning pre-emptively for the future and striving to be proactive. Integrated manufacturing software allows the different departments in your company to synchronize, increasing visibility for the same real-time information.

Why Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket Is Bad Demand Planning

Posted in Financial Management on June 12, 2013


Are you chasing volume? Stop it, advises a blog post on the IndustryWeek website. Big volume could lead to powerful customers who will set the terms of your relationship. The best practice for demand planning is to limit exposure and risk by finding as many clients as you possibly can. Remember, short-term gain can turn into long-term pain.

3 Trends Driving Push For New Manufacturing ERP Software

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 11, 2013


Too many companies are still using Y2K business solutions from 13 years ago. An article on the CRN website says manufacturers should be capitalizing on the technology trends that are reshaping the market. Manufacturing ERP software in a cloud solution represents a huge channel opportunity for a key business advantage.

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