10 Ways Manufacturing Cloud Analytics Can Help Accelerate Your Business

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on August 8, 2013


Need a supply chain solution that’s low-cost, reliable and global? Try manufacturing cloud analytics. Companies that focus on cloud use become industry leaders, according to an article on the Logistics Viewpoints website. The most successful supply chains are following the top trends, like sourcing locally, collaborating and going virtual.

How Can Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software Reduce Lead Times?

Posted in Cloud ERP on August 7, 2013


How bad is your lead creep? Unnecessary delays in the supply chain give manufacturers heartburn as payment is late and inventory levels are increased, according to an article on the EBN website. Using manufacturing ERP software cuts lead time and gives much-needed visibility into how products are selling.

How Can Combining Manufacturing ERP Software With EDI Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Posted in Operations Improvement on August 6, 2013


Best-in-class manufacturers are 67 percent more likely than others to combine electronic data interchange (EDI) translators with manufacturing ERP software to exchange data. A post on the Aberdeen Group blog explains how collaborating with their supply chain partners provides manufacturers with better visibility and boosts performance metrics.

8 Ways Manufacturing Resource Planning Software Can Aid Process Improvement

Posted in General, Operations Improvement on August 1, 2013

ERP-process-improvement | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos http://depositphotos.com/23423618/stock-photo-8-Eight-number-painted-on-bubblewrap.html?sst=60&sqc=129&sqm=51912&sq=1z3ip7

Manufacturers: Do you practice what you preach? Most process improvement conversations have a huge oversight as they neglect discussing how to actually change a process, according to an article on the IndustryWeek website. Manufacturing resource planning software and strong leadership are needed to effectively change a process.