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How Can Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software Reduce Lead Times?

Posted in Cloud ERP on August 7, 2013


How bad is your lead creep? Unnecessary delays in the supply chain give manufacturers heartburn as payment is late and inventory levels are increased, according to an article on the EBN website. Using manufacturing ERP software cuts lead time and gives much-needed visibility into how products are selling.

How Important Is Data Cleansing When Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software?

Posted in Cloud ERP on July 31, 2013

data-cleanse | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

Data quality means everything to an ERP system. Most companies, though, overlook the importance of data in their manufacturing ERP software, according to a post on the Panorama Consulting Solutions blog. Manufacturers can start improving their data through a data cleansing project and enhance data to client-specific standards.

5 Reasons To Use Manufacturing ERP Software

Posted in Cloud ERP on July 25, 2013

5-ERP-reasons | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

The heart and soul of manufacturing ERP software is its ability to plan. Manufacturers who use an ERP system to plan and schedule jobs get the most out of their labor and equipment. The goal should be to maximize material and labor without tying up dollars in inventory. In addition, tracking and utilizing historical usage maximizes future planning.

How Can Manufacturing ERP Software Increase Innovation?

Posted in Cloud ERP on July 22, 2013

manufacturing-ERP-innovation | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

How do you communicate, integrate and innovate? According to research from the Aberdeen Group, 62 percent of best-in-class organizations have a standardized system to integrate their organizational culture. Manufacturing ERP software is the right investment for manufacturers looking to grow while overcoming market challenges.

Why Should You Apply Lean Manufacturing Concepts To The Supply Chain?

Posted in Cloud ERP on July 17, 2013

lean-management-operational-efficiency | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

You’ve most likely heard of lean manufacturing. But what about a lean supply chain? An article on the Logistics Viewpoints website says manufacturers should apply lean manufacturing concepts to their supply chain. By streamlining production, manufacturers can meet their customers’ current demands for fast shipping and inexpensive rates.

4 Key Ways To Deploy Manufacturing ERP Software In The Cloud

Posted in Cloud ERP on July 2, 2013

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More manufacturing solutions are moving to the cloud. Fifty percent of best-in-class companies deploy in a cloud, while 74 percent of other companies use an on-premises solution, according to a survey posted on the Aberdeen Group blog. When deciding on a manufacturing ERP software system, a cloud solution must be a key consideration.

How Can Manufacturing Software Improve Supply Chain Visibility?

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 24, 2013

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Manufacturing trends are driving the industry, and executives are navigating survival strategies. A post on the Aberdeen Group blog explains that while the industry is healthy, several challenges still concern executives. The value of manufacturing software can’t be understated, as it’s vital to supply chain visibility.

3 New NetSuite Manufacturing ERP Software Capabilities That Add Value

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 18, 2013

value-added-manufacturing-ERP-services | Photo Courtesy of Leo Reynolds

NetSuite is becoming a much stronger competitor in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can’t get by on Stone Age manufacturing ERP software, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson says in an article on the Techworld website. New capabilities from the vendor include 3-D modeling and supply chain integration functionality.

3 Trends Driving Push For New Manufacturing ERP Software

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 11, 2013


Too many companies are still using Y2K business solutions from 13 years ago. An article on the CRN website says manufacturers should be capitalizing on the technology trends that are reshaping the market. Manufacturing ERP software in a cloud solution represents a huge channel opportunity for a key business advantage.

Why Is Interest In Cloud-Based Manufacturing ERP Software Predicted To Surge?

Posted in Cloud ERP on June 10, 2013

manufacturing-ERP-software-surge | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

Cloud-based manufacturing ERP software is “democratizing access to information” at a relatively inexpensive cost, according to an article on the Automation World website. There will be a huge surge in cloud-based ERP systems as more manufacturers are plagued with aging systems and desire the visibility that only cloud ERP software can provide.

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