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How Can Combining Manufacturing ERP Software With EDI Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Posted in Operations Improvement on August 6, 2013


Best-in-class manufacturers are 67 percent more likely than others to combine electronic data interchange (EDI) translators with manufacturing ERP software to exchange data. A post on the Aberdeen Group blog explains how collaborating with their supply chain partners provides manufacturers with better visibility and boosts performance metrics.

8 Ways Manufacturing Resource Planning Software Can Aid Process Improvement

Posted in General, Operations Improvement on August 1, 2013

ERP-process-improvement | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

Manufacturers: Do you practice what you preach? Most process improvement conversations have a huge oversight as they neglect discussing how to actually change a process, according to an article on the IndustryWeek website. Manufacturing resource planning software and strong leadership are needed to effectively change a process.

4 Perils Of Operational Excellence Strategies To Avoid While Boosting Strategic Sourcing

Posted in Operations Improvement on July 24, 2013

boosting-strategic-sourcing | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

Better outcomes come from continuous improvement processes like strategic sourcing and operational profitability. An article on the IndustryWeek website says a general “lack of awareness” can cause “lackluster results” in your operations. Involved managers who are engaged at developing their employees will thrive.

How Can Manufacturing Business Software Help Maximize Capability?

Posted in Operations Improvement on July 16, 2013

manufacturing-business-software | Photo Courtesy of Depositphotos

Manufacturers should focus on capability rather than capacity. An article on the Supply Chain Digest website says that post-recession, more countries are developing their manufacturing bases. To be successful, manufacturers need to focus on production operations and maximize their production capabilities through manufacturing business software.

Why Should Manufacturers Focus On Strategic Sourcing Practices?

Posted in Operations Improvement on July 10, 2013


Not planning at all is planning to fail. An article on the EBN website says manufacturers with global supply chains are creating their own risk by refusing to engage in proper assessment and planning. Routine risk assessment is imperative for strategic sourcing and should be a focus of manufacturing leaders to stop supply chain interruptions.

Why Must Manufacturers Excel At Strategic Sourcing?

Posted in Operations Improvement on July 8, 2013

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Outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring, repatriation — industry buzzwords are pervasive today. Companies that excel at strategic sourcing are better decision-makers because they look at a 360-degree view of the business, an article on the Digital Supply Chain website explains. Sourcing decisions need to be linked to strategic initiatives.

6 Important Attributes Of Lean Manufacturing Leaders

Posted in Operations Improvement on July 4, 2013


Are you a leader that sits behind a desk, obsessing over financial statements? Or are you a leader that is on the floor with employees, being a teacher and role model? American manufacturers need to embrace lean manufacturing if they want to excel, states an article on the IndustryWeek website. A business should be operated and run through people.

How Can Manufacturers Improve Demand Planning?

Posted in Operations Improvement on July 3, 2013

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If you want to increase production, you must ensure quality. A post on the Panorama Consulting Solutions blog states that a bad batch of products can destroy a manufacturer’s reputation, so demand planning is vital. Quality-control measures, cloud-based manufacturing tools and safety standards create reliable products.

Should Robotics Be Integrated Into Manufacturing ERP Software?

Posted in Operations Improvement on June 20, 2013


Are warehouse robots the future of the manufacturing industry? An article on the DC Velocity website says robots are coming down in price and are starting to become more flexible and mobile. But humans still make the best decisions. However, robots can handle repetitive processes and could be integrated into manufacturing ERP software.

How Can Integrated Manufacturing Software Eliminate Data Silos?

Posted in Operations Improvement on June 13, 2013


Are you a reactive or a proactive manufacturer? Your company needs to be eliminating the data silos, planning pre-emptively for the future and striving to be proactive. Integrated manufacturing software allows the different departments in your company to synchronize, increasing visibility for the same real-time information.

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