How Is Manufacturing Cloud Analytics Shaping Customer Service?

Posted in Subcontract Manufacturing Trends on January 17, 2013

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Technology trends are changing the way call centers operate. The proliferation of mobile devices and cloud-based services are transforming contact centers and their customer service strategies.

A new Australian report highlighted in an article on the TMCnet website is reflective of trends in the global business market. Traditional on-premises models are being abandoned in favor of cloud-based deployments.

More vendors will supplement their on-premises solutions with cloud-based versions as the trend continues. The cloud not only is the ideal environment for hosting your manufacturing resource planning software, but also is ideal for interacting with smartphones and mobile tablet devices.

Here are five advantages to cloud-based contact centers.

  1. Disaster recovery: It’s a less visible advantage, but cloud-based contact centers have resiliency through Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) features.
  2. On-premise alternatives: An organization doesn’t have to abandon its current on-premises solution for a cloud solution. In fact, that perception is one of the biggest hurdles in cloud adoption. Existing contact center infrastructure can still be used.
  3. Mobile channels: Today’s contact center market is driven by smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices are the way many consumers contact an organization. This will allow organizations to “provide superior customer service,” notes Audrey William, head of research for Australia and New Zealand ICT. “This strategy provides a richer experience for the customer, and enables the organization to reduce call volumes by providing basic service functions for mobile devices.”
  4. Social media: The anytime, anywhere nature of social media is a perfect pairing with the anytime, anywhere nature of the cloud. More contact centers are starting to use social media technologies to communicate with customers.
  5. Big Data: Manufacturing cloud analytics and Big Data trends are shaping customer service. “Organizations will be able to capture data from customer interactions from multiple communication channels such as voice, email, web and social media,” William tells TMCnet. “This will allow them to customize individual service for customers.”

Source: TMCNet, November 2012

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