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Type of Innovation/Best Practice:
Enterprise Application Service Management Best Practices

Description of Project:
Contract awarded based on past performance record in other departments, to which, TBG provided support and project management services. Over the life of a 3 year contract, Tier 3 Application support services delivered and provided on a Time and Expense basis. The BCT Group provides the following Services to HESS for SAP Payroll applications Tier 3 support to 1000 global users across corporate locations and associated business divisions.

Scope of service desk operations services include:

In addition, The Brunswick Group delivers the following services program management services for service desk operations services managed by TBG.

-Proactive User Support Monitoring Activities
-Performance Metrics Development and Reporting
-Documentation of Processes

Analysis of Best Practices Implemented:
1. Functional support of SAP HCM Payroll to employees an business users.
2. Defined and documented SAP HCM Payroll support best practices.
3. Implement solutions as required by business project team.
4. Monitor performance tracking and review systems and deliver metrics reports.
5. Support delivered 8:00 - 5:00 EST
6. Expanded and contracted resource team to include broader skillset

Benefits of Implementation:
Through consolidation of SAP HCM Payroll configuration, business analysis and troubleshooting support functions able to reallocate budget and develop a tiered resource team. Team was staffed with scalable technical and functional resources able to transition towards customer facing from pure technical support roles. This improved service levels by 18% as measured by VOC surveys.

Following implementation of Tiered Support model, able to maintain service levels through ongoing resource and budget cuts to client team and TBG team resources. Proposed training and development of workforce team to ensure that skills and competencies maintained parity with demand and ensure resource retention.

Savings and/or Improvements Realized by Client:
Resource consolidation plan and realignment of support tasks resulted in reduction of 2 resources and over $200K in Payroll and benefit costs.

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