Reports & Ebooks
  • Creating A Cloud Roadmap For Your Enterprise

    Increasingly, enterprises are turning to cloud computing as a transformative technology that can strengthen their competitive advantage. In fact, according to Gartner, last year the worldwide market forecast for public cloud was estimated at $89 billion, with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19 percent. This report is broken down into two pieces, one featuring research from Gartner, and a second report, What’s Next For ERP?, by ZDNet writer and author of “Frictionless Enterprise,” Phil Wainewright.

    • 1 How to use the cloud to deliver business services at a dramatically lower cost
    • 2 Why these five macro business trends are changing ERP requirements
    • 3 How technology drivers like mobilization and social are impacting ERP

  • The Outlook for Manufacturers 2012: A Survey of Key Business Objectives and Challenages

    Get your complimentary copy of the manufacturing benchmark report, The Outlook for Manufacturers 2012: A Survey of Key Business Objectives and Challenges Among Mid-Market Manufacturing Companies. In it, you’ll learn:

    • 1 Key Strategies that leading manufacturers are implementing to increase revenue and efficiency
    • 2 What successful manufacturers see as the most critical requirements for profitable growth
    • 3 Top customer retention tactics companies are using
    • 4 New technologies and initiatives being deployed to build the business
    • 5 Leading focus areas for improving employee productivity and innovation

  • NetSuite's Impact on Manufacturing Company Performance

    Download NetSuite’s Impact on Manufacturing Company Performance, an exclusive research report by analyst firm Nucleus Research, to explore how manufacturers are leveraging the power of cloud computing to improve sales and visibility, streamline inventory management and accelerate quote-to-cash processes. Based on in-depth interviews with manufacturers, the report details how companies have:

    • 1 Improved gross margins by 50 percent
    • 2 Cut carrying costs for inventory by 20 percent
    • 3 Boosted productivity of purchases by 35 percent
    • 4 Incresed sales by 25 percent
    • 5 Reduced average lead time by 30 percent

  • The Million Dollar Mispercetion

    Download The Million Dollar Misperception, a white paper by independent analyst firm CITO Research, to learn how subcontract manufacturers can avoid extinction by using Software as a Service to get real-time visibility into operations, financials and their supply chains.In this white paper, you’ll also learn more about how Software as a Service:

    • 1 Supports a lean manufacturing vision
    • 2 Is easily scalable
    • 3 Integrates with legacy systems
    • 4 Adapts to meet your unique business requirements
    • 5 Offers business-wide visbility