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One Integrated Application to Manage Your Wholesale/Distribution Business

NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors gives your company customer-facing sales force automation- including quotes and orders-as well as marketing and customer service capabilities that link seamlessly with back-office inventory management, fulfillment and accounting. In delivering NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors, NetSuite has leveraged experience and lessons learned from thousands of wholesale distribution customers, complemented with a best practice professional services implementation methodology and customization services. NetSuite's single, flexible business application enables you to grow your wholesale distribution business and provide new services while increasing customer service and reducing costs

Our Mission is to provide:

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    One complete distribution lifecycle management system

    NetSuite manages all your end-to-end lifecycle business processes in one system: Market > Sell > Order > Ship > Bill > Cash Management to General Ledger > Maintain > Support > Upsell/Reorder

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    One complete view of the customer across your business

    One integrated system covering ERP, CRM and ecommerce delivers a single, real-time view of the customer across all departments and locations, enabling you to better understand your customers, adapt to sales trends, and improve marketing, cross-sell and retention.

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    Trading partner collaboration via self-service portals

    Trading partner processes extend via self-service partner, supplier and customer portals, helping you meet demand for real-time order status and self-service account management, and improve satisfaction with your brand.

NetSuite Customers Include:

Why Choose Us?

NetSuite saves distributors countless hours of work associated with data entry, organization and fulfillment. You can convert forecasts to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with unprecedented efficiency. NetSuite's procurement, inventory and fulfillment management offers a complete set of capabilities that provide integrated supply chain management, while NetSuite's purchasing and vendor management capabilities help you reduce spending on goods and services, streamline procure-to-pay processes and ensure compliance with corporate policies.

About Product

The SaaS Advantage: Cost of Ownership

With SaaS, the economics of managing a business change radically. Because NetSuite hosts the software, it allows businesses like yours to use sophisticated software applications over the Internet, giving you better access to more robust solutions with greater security, management and economy than most mid-market companies could ever purchase and manage in-house. In addition, NetSuite has been developed and implemented with multiple layers of data redundancy for comprehensive security and business continuity. You can be assured that your data is accurate, accessible and secure.

Did you know?

NetSuite OneWorld is an optional module that enables you to manage multinational and multi-company business in real time. It manages the financial consolidation required of separate companies or subsidiaries, as well as multiple entities performing marketing and customer support. It also enables the management of distributed sales teams and selling partners, and allows you to dynamically consolidate financial reports on the fly from multiple companies and gather business intelligence in real time. NetSuite OneWorld allows you to drill down to all levels of the underlying business-to the iterm level, the customer, record, or to an individual transaction.

Manage Your Entire Business

From planning to production to fulfillment: Keeping up with client project demands while juggling inventory and production schedules can be time-consuming and inefficient. Brunswick's all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Services help you eliminate scheduling surprises and consistently meet delivery dates while also staying one step ahead of customer demands with simple, accurate demand planning, sophisticated inventory management, and real-time tracking at each stage of production. With NetSuite's software you can quickly locate materials even across multi-location warehouses and see whether inventory has been partially used or is allocated to a current work order to avoid depleting necessary resources. Dynamic replenishment also ensures you have just the right levels, no matter what the demand.

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